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Mongodb blip channel

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Mongodb blip channel

by Mongodb

Publication date 2012
Collection bliptv; vlogs
Language English
A grab of the Mongodb blip channel before it was removed.

The list of talks included is below: user history, auto-sharded
Building a Mongo DSL in Scala at Hot Potato
Building Good Relations - Using MongoDB and a Relational Database
Civic Hacking
cl-mongo - A lisp interface to mongo
Content Management Systems and MongoDB
CRUD and the JavaScript Shell
Data transformations using javascript closures
Drupal + MongoDB - Bigger is Better
Establishing an Ultra-Agile LAMoP Environment
Finding a Swiss-army datastore for ShopWiki
From MySQL to MongoDB at
From MySQL to MongoDB at Wordnik
Getting Involved in the MongoDB Project as a Contributor
Getting Started with Node.js & MongoDB
GILT demo
Hummingbird Demo
Implementing MongoDB at Shutterfly
Indexing and Query Optimizer
Inside Pymongo
Java development
Java Development with MongoDB
Linux Administration for MongoDB
Map_reduce, geospatial indexing, and other cool features
Mastering the MongoDB Shell
Mastering the Shell
MongoDB Administration part 1 of 2
MongoDB Administration part 2 of 2
MongoDB and C#
MongoDB and Harmony
MongoDB and Python
MongoDB and Ruby
MongoDB and Sharding
MongoDB at Athena Capital Research; Demo of Mongui
MongoDB at Chartbeat
MongoDB at foursquare
MongoDB & CAP Theorem
MongoDB for Dummies - How MyPunchbowl went from 0 to production in under 3 days
MongoDB for Real Time Data Collection and Stats Generation
MongoDB in Ruby's Loving Embrace
MongoDB Live Demo
MongoDB, _NET, and LINQ
MongoDB Replication Demo
PHP Development with MongoDB
Real Value in Real Time
Replication and MongoDB
Replication and Replica Sets
Ruby Development and MongoMapper
Ruby Development & MongoMapper
Schema Design with MongoDB
Sharding with MongoDB
Tornado, MongoDB, and the Realtime Web
What is MongoDB
What Ops People Need to Know about MongoDB


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